VIP Avanti Black Custom Car Mat


Right Hand Drive, Left Hand Drive

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  • Custom Fitted Auto Floor Mats
  • Luxury Design
  • High Quality Materials
  • XPE Leather with Polyethylene Materials
  • Anti-Skid…


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Luxury Design

VIP Avanti floor mats aren’t nothing less than luxurious with the top-notch high quality to match it. No matter what car you lay these custom car mats in, you will elevate the interior. We have had customers purchase their set for Bentleys, Mercedes- Benz, Lexus, and just about anything you can think of. You would think high line automobiles already come with nice mats instead of the carpeted floor liners but many people like to customize it to their personal touch. Whether they want to add a whole new color to the cars style or something much nicer, we offer what you need.

Custom Fit

We offer nothing that doesn’t have a custom fit to your vehicles model. In the case you’re replacing your factory floor mats, you want the new ones to take its place without looking out of place. You can go to your local auto parts store and pick a universal mat but you don’t want that regular feel.

High Quality Material

Once you feel our mats, you will have no doubt as to why we rave about quality of our mats. With all the feet stepping on it after you go hiking or your furry friends sitting on it, it is made to last with its durability. Starting from the top, it is made from PVC leather. Inside is a non-woven fabric with an XPE interlayer. The bottom of our mats is made from rubber with nibs with acts in place as an Anti-Skid feature. Let your mind be at ease that the car floor mats won’t be sliding around when you need it stuck the most. It stays in place so no worry about dirt getting onto your floor board.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning your custom auto floor mats, you want something that will be easy. Cleaning is not the easiest task and if you like to go outdoors a lot, you know you will keep needing to clean any custom floor mats for cars. It doesn’t need to a chore when you have a VIP Avanti set. Simply take out each mat and dust it off. Making sure it’s clean, dip a towel in warm water, and use that to properly clean it. Make sure you let it dry off before you put it back into place.


There is no such thing as perfect vehicle floor protection until today. These VIP Avanti black custom auto floor mats are the perfect protection to give your car’s interior. No need to worry about factory carpet floor mats with no designs. Transform your car into the next level luxury style. Just like the different furniture arrangements in your living room can change the feng shui, these can too for your car. Black floor mats are ideal because no matter what color dash or seats you have, black goes with anything. You can also be sure that all dirt from your shoes will only go onto this mat as it has raised edges to make sure it stays on the mat. This makes it easiest to just dump out without needing to vacuum your carpet floor. The main benefit to our sets is that we have custom fitted car mats that specifically fit your year, make, and model. No more odd looking floors in your vehicle, just elegance for car enthusiasts.



Right Hand Drive, Left Hand Drive

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