How It’s Made

VIP Avanti offers a plethora of choices on custom car mats guaranteed to fit the cars we carry. Check if we carry your make, model and year range. If not, check the, “Search Your Model” page. That is the full list of cars we can create a mat for.

We even carry custom trunk liner cargo mats to go with your new floor mats. We have the color and stitching to go with the same color design your floor mats are.

black trunk mat

Custom trunk mats are properly scanned and cut for proper fitting. Just simply lay it out in the trunk with its correct side.

black luxury custom floor mats

VIP Avanti has created mats for cars in all price ranges. From a Toyota Camry all the way to Mercedes-Benz G Class and even Bentley Continental GT.

black custom floor mat

Floor mats for sedans come with following layout:

One for the drivers side, one for the passenger side, and one big piece for the back seats. 2 seater coupes come with only two total mats. For third row seating, please contact us first.

How It’s Made:

Every single custom product from VIP Avanti is precisely measured with specific laser devices. The laser scanner has precisely measures the floor board of the vehicles we have listed and placed in a data base for easy and quick production.

The edges of the trunk cargo mats have raised edges. This helps it trap dirt, liquids or even small rocks from going under your mat.

custom car floor mat animation

The finished product will make your old floor look new and different. Whether you have a luxury car, sports car or a regular sedan cruiser, your cars interior will definitely look better.

Once they are scanned and set in the database of custom measurements for different vehicle floorboards, we have the machine automatically cut out the design, shape and size of each location it will go. It will cut precisely using a computer to ensure it fits your specific vehicle.

All materials used in our floor mats are high-quality materials. The top is PVC leather with the inside being being non-woven fabric, XPE interlayer and an anti-sliding layer on the bottom.