A few responsibilities come with owning a car. Of course, you need to maintain your vehicle by changing the engine oil, transmission oil, keeping up with your tires, alignment, and so forth. However, keeping your car clean is just as important because it will give your passengers a good first impression. When cleaning your car, […]

How are Custom Car Mats Made and Maintained?

A few responsibilities come with owning a car. Of course, you need to maintain your vehicle by changing the engine oil, transmission oil, keeping up with your tires, alignment, and so forth. However, keeping your car clean is just as important because it will give your passengers a good first impression. When cleaning your car, it is generally best to start from the interior floorboards.

It is very quick and easy to clean your car mats. This guide is for those looking to do a deep, thorough clean on theirs. The good thing about custom leather car mats, and certain rubber and vinyl sets, is that they don’t tend to get dirty so quickly. And if they do, it’s really easy to clean them off. Carpet, on the other hand, can be a mess. Contrary to popular belief, please don’t throw any type of floor mats in the washing machine or dryer.

Custom car floor mats also can come with trunk liner mats to match the other mats. Besides the trunk, floor mats generally come in the layout of one for the driver’s side, one for the front passenger, and one whole mat for the entire rear floorboard. Rear car mats, generally stuck together to make one full piece, are called Siamese rear. This makes it easier to pull the mat out and fit back in. The look of one full unit is also cleaner.

How are Custom-Fit Floor Mats Made?

There are different kinds of floor liners available for different situations but the way custom car mats are made is roughly all the same. For example, not all carpet car mats are going to perfectly fit in your car’s floor lining. They also will not be ideal for someone who is outdoorsy and loves to go hiking or the mountains, so SUV floor mats probably should not be carpet. Custom work requires specific measurements, along with precision cutting, to make sure everything fits together from the curves to the edges. Some mats come with raised edges in order to prevent liquids or dirt from getting onto the floor. This helps with cleaning your car. This is a general explanation of how the process works from the beginning to the end of an order:

  • 1st Step: Manufacturers have software that is pre-set with the measurement of all their cars’ interiors. This ensures an efficient and accurate measurement.
  • 2nd Step: Once an order comes in, the machine relays this information over to the warehouse.
  • 3rd Step: The warehouse picks the specific year, model, make, and side of the steering wheel. Trim levels don’t change the floorboard measurement on most cars.
  • 4th Step: The machine cuts out the outline of each side mat with the least amount of deviation.
  • 5th Step: The top PVC leather layer covers the middle XPE foam interlayer. On top of the foam is a non-woven fabric that lies between the leather and foam to protect them.
  • 6th Step: Anti-skid padding is added so the mats do not slide around when they are on your car’s floorboard.
  • 7th Step: If the mats’ edges are raised, they are generally done at the end so they can be sewed closed and finished off.
  • 8th Step: When the mats are finished being cut out, a warehouse employee puts them all together with a slip of your order.
  • 9th Step: The order goes to the shipping department, where they assemble the package and ship the custom mat out.



Carpet car mats generally come with a car, but a not-so-known fact is that not all new cars come with a set of floor mats. Pretty much all OEM (original equipment manufacturer) floor mats are carpet or nylon weave. These are very tiny nylon fibers that stick together and trap dirt. For this reason, we do not recommend them because they can be hard to clean, though they do an excellent job as far as protecting your floorboards. As usual, bottom padding is typically plastic or rubber, which provide reliability when it comes to gripping. These materials help the mats not slide around. Don’t expect luxury from your carpet mats, as luxury is usually found with custom-fitted leather mats. Carpet is really just for the small foot area, as are transparent vinyl clear floor mats. Carpet is also the cheapest type of mat since it doesn’t require high quality materials. It is often used in dry or milder climates. The fibers can rip apart if they get put under too much stress. In other words, kids wearing soccer cleats after a soccer game might ruin carpet mats pretty quickly.

How to Clean It?

Cleaning carpet mats can be a bit difficult, not to mention time consuming. Your time will not only be spent in cleaning, but also in letting them dry. Start by getting warm water and some sort of chemical for cleaning a car’s interior or even laundry detergent. The detergent generally works best, but remember not to throw the mats in the washing machine! Using a brush, brush the floor liners with water until they’re nice and moist. Using your detergent or chemical, pour it over the entire area that you want to clean. Proceed to brush it all around really thoroughly. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and use the brush to scrub it all off. Get deep into the nylon weaves because there can be dirt inside. Give it one last clean by pouring water on it and then let it sit in the sun or in an open space to dry off. If you have access to a power washing tool, use it, because it will save time and hassle.


As we mentioned, not all new cars come with a mat set, but even if you were to get them on your brand-new vehicle just purchased from the dealership, almost no such cars come with the option of having leather floor mats. Leather is great when it comes to just about anything because it is easily cleaned off, is durable, and looks the nicest. Most leather SUV floor mats are going to be customized so they fit your car’s interior floor to the exact measurements. When looking at the mats from the outside of the car or from your seat, all custom car mat curves should be tightly fitted. For the most part, you do not need any chemicals to clean them. Simply get warm water, and possibly soap, to get the job done. Using a soft sponge is key though, because you do not want to rub the leather with an abrasive surface. However, these mats are very durable. Customers also love leather custom car mats because they come with more designs than other types.

How to Clean It?

Cleaning custom-fit leather floor mats is easy and is usually done best with a microfiber cloth. Simply get warm water and a soft towel like a microfiber or even a ShamWow. A magic erase marker can work just as well.  Mix a bit of soap into your warm water and dip your towel or erase marker. Clean all around the mat, even on the bottom part with the rubber padding. Do not use a power wash to clean leather mats as the pressure can cause real damage. If you have any spots that are hard to get rid of, simply mix rubbing isopropyl alcohol with a bit of water.


Rubber is also used often on set piece floor mats. Custom-fit rubber car mats can be made to fit your vehicle’s floor board. Rubber is best used when you transport a lot of people in your car and you have to worry about possible spills. Ride share drivers from Uber and Lyft may use rubber mats the most because of ease of cleaning. Most all-weather SUV floor mats come in rubber, but one thing to watch out for is that some rubber sets can become dry and start to break. This happens more when you’re in a dry area and the rubber gets brittle.

How to Clean it?

Custom-fit rubber floor mats are one of the easiest to clean because they’re so durable. You can clean them however you want, including using power wash tools. Just like with the other mats, start off with warm water to make the surface soft, then scrub. If the dirt has been sitting on the mats for a while, you might need to scrub a bit harder.


Protect your vehicles carpet from all that foot traffic and improve the overall look. Quality custom car mats can improve your interior’s appearance, and enhance the value of your vehicle.

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