Many people don’t even know about Feng Shui or how the principles can be to applied almost anywhere in life that you spend a lot of time in order to bring you health, success and overall happiness. Chances are if you are reading this then you do know about it and will appreciate some tips […]

Custom Leather Car Mats – The Feng Shui for Your Car

Many people don’t even know about Feng Shui or how the principles can be to applied almost anywhere in life that you spend a lot of time in order to bring you health, success and overall happiness. Chances are if you are reading this then you do know about it and will appreciate some tips on how this can help improve the quality of your life, even in your car!

Choosing the right custom fit floor mats is the best place to start for several reasons other than being fast and affordable.

For those who don’t know what it is, Feng Shui is a centuries old Chinese art of promoting positive energy and success by incorporating the 5 elements in livable spaces and places where you spend a lot of time: It also teaches the rules of positioning for when it comes to staying safe. The 5 Elements are represented by colors and using these colors can help you balance the energies of your life. How you should use them depends on you and your personality. Because this can get very complicated we will keep it very simple.

Wood: Green, Brown.
Earth: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink.
Fire: Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown
Water: White, Gray
Metal: Blue, Black

How to improve Feng Shui to your car and how custom leather floor mats can help.

Do you spend a lot of time in your car?

Do you ever get frustrated driving in traffic?

This is not the healthiest way to start and end your day! In this article we will discuss how you can use feng shui to make your car a much safer, happier and more peaceful place, starting with your floor mats. When you think about how much time you spend in your car and how this is likely the most dangerous time you invest each day, why not consider practicing Feng Shui in your car. One of the easiest ways to change the entire energy of your car is making sure you choose the right color for your floor mats.

When it comes to decorating the rest of your car here are some basic tips to get you started.

• Keep your interior clean and organized. Avoiding clutter is very important. When you keep your car clean and free of clutter you will also keep your own energy uncluttered. Just like having dirty dishes pile up in your home you will constantly be reminded that you have to clean them. And this is not only true for your interior. You should also keep your trunk clean. Clutter that is out of sight is not necessarily out of mind. The fact that the clutter might be invisible does not mean that it does not influence you.

• Clean, fresh air & no stale odors. Open your windows to let fresh air into your car whenever possible. Improving air quality and avoiding environmental toxins helps to keep you healthy physically, but many people also believe it can help you spiritually.

• Clean windows & mirrors. Windows are believed to be the eyes to your car. Also they control your view to the world outside. Having a clean and crisp view can help keep a steady flow of positive energy. Many experts believe that a dirty window is often the kind of thing that will disrupt your positive energy at any time.

• Avoid using negative signs & symbols. Most people like to decorate their car with little knickknacks to remind them of the people, places and things they enjoy in life. These are things like stuffed animals, stickers of favorite sports team etc. But you should completely avoid having any signs, symbols, stuffed animals or toys that represent negative energy or negative emotion. This would include things like any kind of fierce beasts (lion, shark) or sharp objects (knife, sword).

• Use positive signs & symbols. Utilize signs, symbols and objects that give you comfort, joy and other positive emotions. Try using things that symbolize love, laughter, happiness, passion, joy etc.

• Keep lucky object or crystal inside vehicle. For centuries many different cultures have embraced things like good luck charms. You should always have something with you to represent good luck, good memories or something to make you feel positive energy. Many people keep something on their keychain. But don’t ever hang things in your rear view mirror or place them anywhere that can obstruct your view.

• Keep car & engine in good running condition. Many people underestimate the mental and emotional toll it can take on you if your car is constantly breaking down. Most feng shui experts believe that you should always take care of your car and it will take care of you but that is not limited to the inside where you sit and drive. Your vehicle should always be well maintained especially things requiring constant maintenance such as tires, fluids, tune up etc.

• Turn on happy music (at a low volume) once you enter your car. Happy music is said to rid your space of negative chi. Of course you should not blast your music while you are driving as it can be distracting, there is some benefit from playing happy music at a low volume while you drive. This can help keep you in a good energy state and also keep your attention focused on driving instead of other things going on in your life.

For anyone who believes feng shui does help to balance the energies in your life and around you this is a no brainer. Did you know much importance color plays in this? Different colors, shapes, and textures can all be considered when it comes to decorating your car. It takes minimal time and effort but can provide un-measurable value in your life. Make sure you choose the right color leather floor mats!

Feng Shui – good luck and energy objects you can keep in your car.

Many studies show that objects like good luck charms can help to provide a calming effect in people. The same can be said about surrounding yourself with positive images like photos of family and good memories, being organized, being comfortable, feeling safe and surrounding yourself with things that promote good energy. You can also place things like crystals in a glove compartment, cup holder or storage compartment between the two front seats.
• Five or three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon are great for those in sales or working toward a promotion.
• A quartz or amethyst crystal can be placed on a key ring for auspicious energy.
• You can carry your Chinese astrology animal as a key fob for good luck or a key chain with a favorite Chinese symbol.

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