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Custom Cargo Liner and Trunk Mats

If you really want a ‘showroom condition’ cargo area and boost your vehicle’s value, you need cargo liners or trunk mats. A cargo liner covers the whole trunk space with a raised lip around some or all sides to make sure the cargo walls remain unharmed.

On the other hand, trunk mats are essentially the same but they do not have raised lips around the edges. They do not cover the entire base of the trunk.

So, which liners or mats are best suited for your vehicle? Let’s discuss different boot liners, their benefits, and features to answer this question.


Custom Cargo Liners

Each vehicle has a different shape and design, thus offer different boot spaces. Manufacturers design custom-made liners to make sure they cover your vehicle’s trunk.

You can also choose how much area you want to cover. For example, you can either cover the trunk area only. You can also cover the backside of the seats if you have to carry a lot of items mainly in your SUV or minivan without folding the seats.

Cargo liners and trunk mats are made of different materials. Additionally, some car liners come in embossed shapes, padding layers, textured surfaces, or even printed patterns like paws and camouflage designs.

Vinyl Liners

These come with patterns on them, which make it really easy to stabilize your things onto them. Furthermore, VIP Avanti cargo liner has gained popularity due to its famous vinyl texture that also has raised lip to keep spills contained.

Dense Nylon Mats

These come handy when you have to carry heavy liquids. They can survive a pounding without looking worn. VIP Avanti offers carpeted cargo in many colors and densities. Our custom trunk mats come with XPE interlayer padding underneath with a non-woven fabric for comfort and sound insulation.

Padded Liners

These are useful if you travel with pets. Canine Covers Cargo Liner is an excellent choice for pet cargo. Made with split-seatback capacity, your seat remains covered even with one down.

They also come with headrest straps, corner ties, and bottom surfaces to keep pets in place. If liners covering only the cargo floor go best for you, then the Pet Pad Cargo Protector provides a similar level of protection but without extending up onto seatbacks.

Rubber or Thermoplastic

These materials work great for carrying supplies. These mats use stiffer polymer compounds that support items like gardening tools, construction materials, and pots much better.



    1. Protect your boot area

    Trunks are made to keep essentials like dirty car tools, sports gear, overfilled grocery bags, gardening supplies or even pets. However, we all prefer our vehicle trunk to be clean and spotless. Fortunately, the trunk floor mat can avoid all kinds of harm.

    1. Protect your cargo

    We all get nervous driving over breakers or bumps while carrying things in our vehicle trunk because we never want it to get ruined. A Trunk Liner makes sure that never happens. Add thick, soft padding or compartments and cups to the cargo liners to ensure the safety of the cargo and to stay calm while driving. 

    1. Cover up previous damage

    Adding a neutral or black mat can enhance the look of your trunk. If your trunk got damaged or scratched while loading cargo, you can cover that up with a designed or plain mat/liner.

    1. Comfortable for pets

    If you own pets, then you surely know the struggles of traveling with them. Knowing that the cargo liners are not permeable by wetness, mud, drool, hair, and other things dogs drag along, you won’t be troubled. In addition, manufacturers offer waterproof and stain-resistant mats and liners making cleaning procedures easy.



    1. Luxury Leather Touch

    Car liners are an accessory that compliments your car’s interior. Even single tone leather mats can lay a good impression and should be installed, especially if you’re going to sell your car.

    1. Scratch Resistant

    We don’t need to worry about scratches because a thick layer covers the base of our trunk floorboard. It makes sure that the original body remains unharmed when loading or unloading heavy cargo from trunks.

    1. Water Resistant and Durability

    You do not have to worry about liquid spilling on the base or that it could reach your car’s interior. Besides, liners are odor-free and don’t become sticky in extreme heat. Even if something spills over them, they are easy to clean as well. Blast them clean with water, wipe to remove stuck-on dirt and leave to dry on their own without the slightest hint of mold. This allows them to be reused for a long time.

    This should give you a head start in choosing a durable cargo liner. It could be for a long-term satisfaction, or just for the convenience of a better trade-in value. After all, we owe it to our ride to help protect it.