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Custom Car Floor Mats

Car floor mats can enhance the longevity of your car’s interior by manifold. Due to the longer lifetime of luxury car mats, you can not only preserve the aesthetics of your car but also enjoy an overall satisfactory driving experience without any slipping.

Getting custom made car floor mats is also a great decision. Not only will you save you a good amount of money but you will also get exactly what you need. So many choices can be confusing. If you want to pick the right floor mats for your car, it is imperative to understand its types first.

Custom Car Floor Mats

Custom made car floor mats can be a sweet treat for all those who like to personalize their car’s interior. You can pick from a wide range of colors, textures, finishing, fitting, shades, and themes to heighten the character of your car. Get your premium custom made car floor mats exclusively from VIP Avanti today!

Floor mats:

From upholding your foot grip to adding an element of personality in your car, diamond car mats are all about offering you an exclusive interior. If you believe that car floor mats are nothing more than accessory to rest your feet upon, you are mistaken. Here are some other benefits delivered by Car floor mats:

  • Boost the aesthetics of your car
  • Heighten the personality of your cabin
  • Protect floorboard from dirt
  • Prevent foot slips for the driver and passenger
  • Boosts the aesthetic value of your car

Carpet/Fabric Floor Mats

If you are looking for a cheap and easily available mat, fabric mats may serve you right. These mats are supported by a rubber back which is designed to prevent slipping. There are multiple designs and color options available. They usually come in universal sizes. With these car mats, everything from installation, fitting, removal, and maintenance is easier.

Despite so many benefits, the fabric mats usually lack in quality. Although these mats are cheap, they have a very short life span and ultimately give in to sagging and slipping due to wear and tear.

Rubber Car Mats

If you are having a hard time in picking the type of custom made car floor mats, simply choose rubber mats without giving it a second thought. Rubber mats are available in universal sizes, and they offer an impressive grip to prevent any kind of slipping. You will be impressed to feel an instant improvement in pedal use after installing rubber mats in your car. As they are leather floor mats in nature, rubber mats are good at retaining moisture because of their textured surface. Although they’re exceptionally good at absorbing water and gunk from the floor of your car, these mats quickly become dirty and require regular maintenance.

All-Weather Vinyl Mats

Out of the many forms of car mats, the all-weather vinyl mats are proven to be highly effective. Due to the thick vinyl material used in their manufacturing, this kind of custom floor mats is much more durable than the common rubber mats. If you are looking for full-proof protection against the spillage of mud and grime, these mats have upturned edges which can serve the purpose according to your needs. You can easily find this type of car floor mats in any car hardware shop.

Nomad / Curly Mats

Nomad or curl mats may sound like a new addition in this world, but the truth is that they have been around for a considerable period. Because of their protruding texture, these mats can soak water in their ridges, thus preventing spillage of water or mud. On rainy days, nomad mats will prove to be your best friends as you can continue driving without soaking your feet in mud water or grime. Another added advantage of nomad mats is that they are low maintenance and easy to clean.

3D Car Floor Mats

Hailed, as one of the most expensive and highly advanced premium car mats, 3D luxury car mats add just the right amount of personality in your car’s interior. From their availability in different shapes and shades such as tan, beige and black, these 3D luxury car mats offer your car a premium leather car floor mats finishing.

Apart from their amazing fitting, the 3D car floor mats are also much appreciated for containing the dust and grime within the grooves of textured patterns present on their surface. As far as the ambiance of the cabin is concerned, the 3D floor mats are a good option.

However, major drawbacks of these car mats encompass minimal soaking power and obstructed pedal action if the fit is improper.

Luxury floor mats

Luxury floor mats are counted among the high-end leather floor mats options available in the market. Due to their high-quality material and premium stitching, these mats possess a cushioned interior to offer maximum comfort and soaking power. You can easily clean luxury floor mats by using a wet cloth and some detergent.