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Car Neck Pillow

In today's world, traveling is unavoidable. And if you've embarked on a long road trip, then you'd agree that driving or even just sitting in the car for many hours is quite exhausting. In most cases, both the driver and the passengers experience great discomfort, and in the end, they could suffer from long term pains and neck problems 

However, traveling doesn't need to be such a daunting and tiring task. It can still be fun and enjoyable, no matter how long the journey is. And that is possible with the help of car neck pillows.  These little wonders are one of those things you can use to make your trip joyous and painless. 

What is a Car Neck Pillow?

A car neck pillow is a cushion that you can add to the seats of your car to provide support for your neck, head, and sometimes back. It's important to note that car neck pillows are not the same with regular travel pillows that you wrap around your neck for comfort. Unlike regular neck pillows, you can attach and detach car neck pillows from the seat of your car and not have to wear them around your neck. 

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on your preference. However, car owners often overlook this essential and handy vehicle accessory, which could make a big difference for short and long trips. 


Neck Support 

This is the biggest selling point of this car accessory. Car neck pillows provide the extra support your neck needs during long journeys because that is what they are designed for.


Another major benefit of using car neck pillows for your road trip is that the support they provide helps to enhance your body posture in the long run. Most times, we fail to pay attention to our posture, but with some neck pillows, your position is fixed, which helps to improve the functions of our internal organs. 


Some car neck pillows work with the headrest of your car to provide extra cushion for your head, which helps to reduce any pains you may experience during long trips.

Pain Relief

Sitting for hours without having to stretch your legs and body can cause great pains and discomfort for anyone. And that is exactly what happens during long-distance journeys. With soft and supportive car neck pillows, you're guaranteed a painless road trip. 

Types of Pillows for Your Car

There are different types of neck pillows you can use for your car. Some of the most common ones include:


These car neck pillows are shaped like a rolled form. They are designed to provide optimal support regardless of the size of the seat's headrest. Cars are not the only place you can use roll neck pillows; they are also great options for bed and office settings. This car pillow, however, only provides support for the neck as it does not feature with a headrest structure. 


U-shaped car neck pillows are similar to those founds on planes to aid travelers in their sleep.  Although these neck pillows have the same round shape as that of roll pillows, U-shaped pillows are curved, and you can place them around your neck to form a U or O shape. 

Unlike other types of car neck pillows, you don't attach U-shaped pillows to your car - they are travel pillows that you can wear. 


Wrap car neck pillows are fast becoming a popular choice for many car owners. They are designed to provide a fixed position for the neck by wrapping around it. 


This is perhaps the most popular car neck pillow, and it comes with a headrest area for extra cushion for the head. These pillows are designed to provide support for not just your head and neck, but also for your upper shoulder regions. Nothing offers more comfort than contour car neck pillows. 


Some of the important features of a typical car neck pillow you should consider before buying a pillow for your car are:

Seat Strap

Headrest pillows for cars usually come with a strap that allows you to attach it to the car seats. Once the pillow is strapped to the seat, you won't need to move it any time you want to hit the road.  


Most quality car neck pillows are designed for great efficiency and comfort. However, it is important to consider your personal preference before investing in neck pillows. Do you want pillows that are softer or slightly firm? 


Ensure that the car neck pillows you want to purchase have quality exterior materials.  Some of the best neck pillows are made with breathable and soft materials to prevent excess heat while resting your neck or head on them. 

Memory Foam

The best car neck pillows are not made from just any type of foams. Instead, they are made from memory foam for the best performance. Memory foam is not only soft to touch but also aligns with the body contours, which helps to provide the required comfort and support at all times. Unlike other types of foams that lose their shape or flatten out over time, memory foams are designed to provide cushion for your neck and head for many years. 

Can you Drive With a Neck Pillow?

Of course, yes. Car neck pillows are safe for driving, and they are meant to provide support and comfort for both the driver and passengers, so don't be afraid to drive with your new neck pillows. 

How Do You Use a Car Headrest Pillow?

There are basically two ways to use a car headrest pillow - for neck support or headrest.  To use it for neck support, simply wrap the strap around the area around the neck area of the car seat then tuck the strap to prevent it from flapping all over. 

To use it as a headrest, just wrap the strap around the headrest area of the seat, and you're good to go.